Emile Zakiy Moses (b.1992) Ipswich 

As a young boy, Emile became apart of street culture and had signigicant influences from around the world. this pushed him into art from an early age always feeling welcome in the art community. He tends to focus a lot of his own work around traditions and culture, although he has many things that deeply inspire and influence him as a person and his work. Emile did his first solo exhibition "Serpents under the Rainbow" in the town hall gallery in Ipswich (U.K) in 2015 and has followed on doing various different work for other creatives, exhibiting in gallerys all over England, Europe and Asia. Emile has a very unique style and way of producing art, he feels no specific medium controls his work and likes to see it as a freedom in the art world. He sees this as the only way his creative brain is allowed to breathe without feeling too tied down on a medium, technique or subject matter. Emile's syle is very diverse, ranging from illustration style images to fine art paintings, abstract work to typography but always falling back to his core focus that being figure and portrait. Emiles current work is a series of fine art paintings ranging several techniques and mediums in which he will be exhibiting another solo show in london 2019 dates to be announced. Art is Emiles life and he proudly promotes the fact he lives and breathes the art life.

Thankyou for your time and Support without you none of this would be possible so i thankyou!! every piece of art has love sweat and tears in so please appreciate the struggle because it has been real :) i am very grateful, i am constantly learning and pushing for new goals.



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